An Effective Female Libido Enhancer Can Stimulate Sexual Hormones

Stimulating an underactive libido can be frustrating, especially if youíve tried several female libido enhancer supplements and didnít get the results you expected. The female libido is an individual quality and not all female libido enhancer supplements are formulated to alleviate all the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction (FSD).

Female sexual dysfunction can manifest at almost any age, in fact four out of ten women experience some type of FSD before they reach sixty. Most women donít know how to deal with vaginal dryness or pain during intercourse so they suffer quietly; they change their sexual activity to compensate for the female sexual dysfunction issues.

Other women lose their sex drive or itís so weak the thought of having sex is a turn-off instead of a turn-on. The ability to reach an orgasm during intercourse disappears when mental issues block the brain from sending messages to the body so the sexually sensitive areas around the body are stimulated. When those symptoms are present the cause must be identified before a female libido enhancer supplement can relieve the symptoms.

There are four basic types of FSD and each type can manifest one or more symptoms. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder and sexual arousal disorder can block the healthy sexual fantasies and desires that initiate sexual activity, and sexual pain disorder can produce severe pain during intercourse due to an undiagnosed illness or disease.

One of the most common types of FSD is orgasmic disorder, but a large percentage of women believe that type of FSD is unique to them. They are usually too embarrassed or afraid to address non-orgasmic sex so they suffer in silence. The good news is once the cause is identified a female libido enhancer supplement will alleviate all the symptoms of FSD by balancing the sexual hormones that stimulate sexual fantasies and desires.

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Find a Female Libido Enhancer Supplement With the Right Ingredients

Addressing the symptoms of FSD can be a challenge unless you do a little research on the natural ingredients that stimulate the sexual hormones responsible for sexual activity. Most doctors prescribe synthetic sex hormones to stimulate natural sexual hormones, but those medications can produce some nasty side effects.

The best female libido enhancer may be a natural female libido enhancer that contains the ingredients that women have been using for centuries to increase their libido and reach an orgasm during intercourse. The Internet is filled with female libido enhancer supplements, but if you do your homework youíll find the right female libido enhancer supplement that stimulates your hormones and produces the sexual results you expect.

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